Приві́т! - Greetings in Ukrainian

Ukrainian greetings are an important part of the country's culture and social customs. There are many different types of greetings in Ukraine, ranging from formal to informal, and they vary depending on the time of day, the occasion, and the relationship between the speakers.

One of the most common Ukrainian greetings is "до́брий де́нь" (dobryi den'), which translates to "good day" in English. It is used from morning until evening. This greeting is used in formal situations, such as when meeting someone for the first time, or when conducting business. It is also appropriate to use in informal situations, such as when greeting acquaintances or friends. You can also hear people say "до́брого дня!" (dobroho dnja). In this form it sounds more like a wish for someone to have a good day. Sometimes people like to shorten the words and say добри́день (dobryden').

In the morning, Ukrainians can greet each other with "до́брого ра́нку" (dobroho ranku), which means "good morning". But this greeting is less formal than добрий день, so "до́брий де́нь" is used instead.

In the evening, Ukrainians may use "до́брий ве́чір" (dobryi vechir), which means "good evening".

When greeting close friends or family members, Ukrainians may use informal greetings such as "приві́т" (pryvit) means "hi". This word is a noun and comes from the verb "привіта́ти" - to greet someone. It is commonly used between friends and family. It is usually followed by a question "як спра́ви?" - which means "how are you?" It is common to respond with "до́бре, дя́кую" (dobre, dyakuyu) which means "I'm fine, thank you."

In addition to verbal greetings, Ukrainians also use nonverbal gestures to greet each other. For example, they may nod their heads or smile as a sign of recognition and respect.


Приві́т! - Hi!
До зу́стрічі! - See you! (lit. until meeting)
Здоро́в! - Hello! (used between male friends)
Бува́й! / Бува́й здоро́вий! - Take care! (when addressing one man; lit. be healthy)
Бува́й! / Бува́й здоро́ва! - Take care! (when addressing one woman)
Бува́йте! / Бува́йте здоро́ві! - Take care! (when addressing a group of people)
До за́втра! - See you tomorrow! (lit. until tomorrow)
Па! / па-па!- Bye! / Bye-bye! (used between close friends (usually female) in western Ukraine)
Добра́ніч! / На добра́ніч! - Good night! (It's only used when leaving)
До́брий ра́нок! - Good morning!
До́брий день! - Good afternoon!
До́брий ве́чір! - Good evening!
До́брої но́чі! - Good night!

До поба́чення! - Goodbye! (lit. until meeting/seeing again)
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