Noun genders

All nouns in Ukrainian belong to one of the three genders, unless the word only has a plural form (e.g. двері - a door). The gender of a noun is crucial in forming sentences correctly and using the correct grammar rules. Most of the time you can determine the gender of a noun by its ending.

ends in consonantends in -а or -я ends in -о or -е
він - he
чолові́к - man
хло́пець - boy
студе́нт - student
оліве́ць - pencil
вона́ - she
жі́нка - woman
ді́вчина - girl
студе́нтка - student
пі́сня - song
воно́ - it
де́рево - tree
мо́ре - sea
мі́сто - town/city
село́ - village

Some exceptions:

Personal names
Gender specific nouns:
Ба́тько - father
ма́ти - mother
ніч - night
Some abstract nouns ending in ь:
тінь - shadow
о́сінь - fall (season)
Some nouns ending in "я":
життя́ - life
ща́стя - happiness
Baby animals:
ягня́ - lamb,
кошеня́ — kitten
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